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Capture and share best practices on how to develop effective daily workflows

Reading Time - 2 min


Why you should spend 2 minutes reading this:

Your best performing locations may clear +25% in profit. All your locations should be as strong




Your team on the frontlines, with time, will learn what works best to decrease your cost of care without compromising quality.


Your challenge is to:

1. work with those team members

2. tease out the best practices that all your team could follow

3. remove any obstacles that may stop teams from utilizing these improved tactics


Developing strong data analytics will help you identify your best and worst performers.

Learn more about how you can "win with data" here.


In order to facilitate and expedite the effectiveness of this community, we have begun to capture a broad range of tactics here.


High-level actions you can take based on this article:

1. Identify your best performers  

2. Evaluate your current feedback processes to share best practices

2. Update feedback processes to enable the learnings from your best performers to reach the whole provider group

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