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Identify premium services that can be made available to your patient base

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Why you should spend 4 minutes reading this:

Premium services can increase your bottom line by 5-25%



Businesses that take up physical space have as one of their basic goals, to maximize the long-term revenue generated from the customers that walk-through their facilities, with the constraint, that the revenue generated is less than the cost to provide that good or service.


Your practice/clinic takes up physical space.


Outside of your current services, what can you offer your patients that:

1. They want

2. You can provide


In order to understand what your customers want, you can consider two questions:

1. What are other practices offering patients that you have not?

2. What other health-related offerings might customers be looking for?


Once you develop a list of potential services you will then have to rank them via the impact/lift matrix. ​


With your ranked list, it's time to start testing.


Effectively communicating value to customers is the challenge most businesses face. In the end, it’s all “sales” and you’re either being sold to or selling.


The benefit here is we have countless industries that have perfected the sales process.


If you're looking to increase your revenue via premium services let us know below.


High-level actions you can take based on this article:

1. Understand what premium services are already being offered by similar groups

2. Discover what new premium services can be offered by your group

3. Develop operational teams to roll out premium services

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