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I am a physician in a clinic or practice

Your perspective and interests in healthcare are unique. In order to facilitate easier discovery of topics, we have organized our articles for you here. 


They are arranged by the problems others in your position have experienced. 

Each underlined word is a link to an article that may help you. Click it to read more.



Why is reimbursement flat or decreasing?


The government is trying to decrease overall spend on healthcare as the baby-boomer generation ages. One way to do that is to pay less per medical encounter. This has resulted in a decrease of rates for your procedures.


As rates decrease, depending on your provider group's relationship with payors, you may have to accept the lower rates. As a physician, you should push your provider group to have a strong long-term contract strategy and contract management processes. 


If you do not trust your group will develop a strong strategy consider looking around at other groups that are better positioned to succeed. 


Am I being compensated correctly?


Estimating your reimbursement is a rather straightforward process. Depending on your local market, groups may be able to underpay you and in some cases, you can demand a premium


1. Determine your estimated reimbursement.
2. Determine your local market salary for physicians similar to you.
3. Discuss compensation options with your group

4. Increase your earnings - see next problem



What should I do to increase my earnings?


Typically, provider groups will pay you a percentage of your collections. First, you'll want to make sure your contract has a bonus structure if you increase collections.


Once that is in place, you'll want to increase your collections via:
1. Developing a care team and seeing more patients

2. Pushing your group to improve their analytics and physician support
3. Offering premium services
4. Offering premium products
5. Pushing your group to increase contract rates



How should I plan my career to achieve my personal goals?


Your personal goals are personal. Therefore each physician's plan will be unique.

You'll want to spend time evaluating what you want to achieve. From there we can work with you arrive at several paths to take. 


Here is one article to help you understand how healthcare is shifting. We'll add in more soon.


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