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I am looking to sell my clinic or practice

Your perspective and interests in healthcare are unique. In order to facilitate easier discovery of topics, we have organized our articles for you here. 


They are arranged by the problems others in your position have experienced. 

Each underlined word is a link to an article that may help you. Click it to read more.




What does the process look like?


Positioning yourself for a sale can be a multi-year process. First, you'll need to decide that you are looking to sell. 


Understanding how valuations work is important before you engage outside groups.


You want to make sure you have captured opportunities to increase your valuation and that the market is paying favorable rates.


You may also consider finding the best buyer for your provider group to ensure your patients have a strong continuity of care. 



How can I improve my valuation?


Your valuation is largely a function of your profitability. You can improve your profitability in several ways. 


You'll want to develop a strategy based on market forces and your selling time window, while keeping a few simple principles in mind:


1. Power is real

2. Manage your functions

3. Data informs decision making

4. Better decision making is the best long-term competitive advantage

5. Stay agile so you can react to the unexpected

6. Make sure you have mitigated or eliminated your overall risk and any stakeholder risk .


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