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I am looking to provide cost-effective care

Your perspective and interests in healthcare are unique. In order to facilitate easier discovery of topics, we have organized our articles for you here. 


They are arranged by the problems others in your position have experienced. 

Each underlined word is a link to an article that may help you. Click it to read more.



What should I focus on?


Cost based analyses are straightforward within healthcare once you've developed the correct analytic capabilities. Leveraging your data, learn from the best performing locations and physicians in your group. Develop an understanding of your cost structure by encounter.

From there, develop annual targets for your staff to help drive innovation. Here are some innovations that may occur:

1. Build care teams around physicians to increase the amount of care a physician delivers
2. Train staff on processes to improve and accelerate care
3. Improve your floor-plans to accelerate/increase encounters
4. Utilize technology to provide care more rapidly and effectively
5. Utilize technology to increase patient engagement with chronic conditions and improve outcomes


Don't forget to develop relationships with other care providers at the forefront of cost-effective care within your specialty.



What should I ignore?


Identify the key market forces that will impact you. Decide on your long-term strategy. Then, ruthlessly avoid daily "noise/news" and focus on executing your strategy. 


Cost-effective care is indifferent to payor models. Payors will need you to protect their bottom line. Make sure you can protect the value you create. Your ability to protect your value should be part of your overall strategy.


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