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In 2023, you will get paid less for the same amount of work.
The question is how much less.
Is it 1% or 5%? Or somewhere in between?

Why Now?

We developed this calculator to help you quickly calculate your impact for 2023 vs. waiting for your payments to roll in.

Select your State and County and drop in your CPTs and encounter volume and BOOM see instant results.

Also, drop in your profit margin for 2022 and cost increases expected for 2023 to estimate your 2023 bottom line.  

calculate your bottom line, ignorance is not bliss

This calculator is for your Part B payments (Physician Fees) but we will be adding Part A payments (Facility Fees) shortly. If you need a more robust estimate set up time with us to discuss.

By creating a tailored estimate for your group you can understand where you stand for 2023 and begin reverting any negative trends.


CFOs make sure your financial plan is on target.


COOs make sure you have a clear roadmap to hit your operational targets.

Physicians understand the impact to your compensation for the year.

There are four Revenue Drivers and you should have a dedicated owner by each one to drive improvement for your group.

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Get Control Over Your Costs

The best provider groups also control for costs via the “Cost of Care” KPI by department. If you do not control your costs well, you will have to close your doors eventually. We call this the “Hard Truth about Provider Economics”. It is imperative that you have robust cost control.

Click on the “learn more” button on the calculator and we will review these items in more depth.

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