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Here’s How to Increase Your Profit with ZERO Risk…

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Do you have open schedule slots?

Are you looking to diversify your business?

Are you looking to grow your revenue?

Healthcare providers that answer YES to any of these questions can look to capitation as a solution. 

This can be YOUR story:

My provider group decided to expand its business, and based on infrastructure, we decided capitation was the best option. 

Signing the contract was a new process, the terms in the capitation agreements and FFS contracts did not match up.


Once the contract went into effect, both benefits and challenges emerged.

There was an increase in cash flow, but tracking the profit generated and accurately dividing compensation was not easy. 

These challenges soon became opportunities because of new financial tracking systems and compensation systems. 


Later on, investing in value-based analytics helped them provide better value to payors and become the go-to capitation provider.

With a deeper understanding of capitation, our provider group doubled its size and diversified perfectly between traditional FFS and capitation. 

We now have the highest retention and recruitment of the best physicians and are in complete control of our future.

Time to look at CAPITATION as a SOLUTION

The Capitation LaunchPAD will enable your team to build, launch and fly your high-growth capitation business with ZERO risk.

Your experience will be tailored to where your team is in the process of succeeding with capitation.




For providers that are considering capitation contracts



For providers that are under contracts to service contracts 



For providers who are already servicing capitation contracts 

What You’ll Discover Inside

The Capitation LaunchPad 

How to:

Develop ZERO risk contracts based on an in-depth understanding of each CPT and the risk they create.

Track profit monthly or even daily.


Confidently guide 

your groups decision to pursue capitation based on infrastructure, unit economics, and local competition.


Leverage value-based analytics to increase your importance within the continuum of care and improve your PMPM.


Increase provider trust with equitable and transparent compensation systems.

Here’s Exactly What You’re About To Get Your Hands On…




Our 7 tools for SUCCESS:

Rapid Infrastructure Analyzer 

Understand your capacity and estimate the number of lives you can service with capitation encounters.

Profit Building Blocks

Breakdown your financials to understand how each encounter contributes to your bottom line.

CPT Risk Eliminator

Breakdown capitation contracts into their components and remove the high-risk segments.

Win or Walk Negotiator

Confidently negotiate PMPM rates and terms and know when to walk away.

Contract Prophet

Report the incremental income each of your capitated contracts are creating for the business.

100% Trust Compensation Builder

Rally physician trust by building equitable and transparent compensation structures that fit into your existing program. 

Golden Link in the Chain:

Develop advanced analytics using Big Data and proprietary algorithms, creating value through the continuum of care resulting in higher contract rates exclusive terms.

We have LIMITED capacity for this program and only have a few spots left! ​


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