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Build care teams to efficiently triage care

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Why you should spend 4 minutes reading this:

Having the lowest cost of care in your market can result in +10% increases to your bottom line




Let’s speculate, that on a given day, a clinic in your organization sees 100 patients.


You’re open 250 days a year.


Your annual expenses come in at 2M.


[Total Cost (2M)] / [Patients per Day (100) * Days Open (250)] = $80


With these assumptions, your cost of care per encounter comes in at $80.


To learn more on cost structure read: Your Two Costs: Variable vs. Fixed.


The primary driver of your cost structure will typically be your physicians. Their time is valuable relative to everyone else that provides care.


Your aim is to decrease your physicians' cost by encounter by building a team around them to handle everything that they do not need to complete, in order for that encounter to be billable.


Every specialty is different with regards to:

  1. What is required of the physician to bill

  2. Skill sets needed within the care team

  3. The physicians' desired style of care


With this in mind, it is difficult to give you a detailed roadmap on effectively triaging care but the end goal remains the same.


View this as a starting point and reach out in the form below if you’d like to develop a roadmap specific to your needs.


High-level actions you can take based on this article:

1. Complete analyses to understand your cost of care today

2. Breakdown your cost of care into its different components

3. Set future targets for your cost components

4. Execute on a strategy to reach those targets and repeat annually ​

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